FRK - Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes

Regional Innovation Performance (2019) Strong +

Total population (2019) 8005882

Population per km² (2017) 113

Proportion population older 65 year % 20,05%

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Région Auvergne Rhône Alpes


The region Auvergne Rhône-Alpes is located in the centre and southeast of France, and has a population of 6.3 million. The region has a strong dynamism in various domains such as, energy, industry, research pharma and biotechnologies, agriculture or tourism. The regions' S3 priorities involve a focus on personalised healthcare for infectious and chronic diseases; this involves diagnosis, therapy, vaccine, medical technologies, health, nutrition and some target diseases (infectious diseases, cancers, other chronic diseases and ageing). There are also priorities in Smart and energy-efficient buildings, Industrial processes and eco-efficient factory, Smart mobility systems, Digital technologies and user-friendly systems, Sports, tourism and mountain infrastructure and Networks and energy storage.

Membership status

Member ICPerMed? no 

Mountain ? > 50 % of surface in mountain areas

Member Euregha? no 

Adriatic-Ionian MacroRegion? no

InnoStars Region? no 

Northern Sparsely Populated Area (NSPA)? no

PM region according EC? yes 

Baltic Sea MacroRegion? no

S3MedTech region? yes

 Danube MacroRegion? no

S3ClusSport member? yes 

Alpine MacroRegion? yes

S3P4PM region? no

Regions4PM region? no 

Central Europe? no

MedTech4Europe?  yes

Council of European BioRegions (CEBR)? yes

1M+Genome initiative? country level observer

European Regions Research & Innovation Network (ERRIN)?  yes

Vanguard Initiative? yes

ERAPerMed? no

Policy documents

  1. Regional SRDEII 

  2. Regional SRESRI 

  3. KET study

Topics covered by policies : Population genomics initiative (cfr 1 million genomes participation); Medical research and innovation (-omics, biomarkers, diagnostics, etc.); Specific disease related research (infectious, inflammatory and chronic diseases); Prediction and prevention; ICT/genomics, health, lifestyle data(infrastructure); Electronic and mobile health solutions; Public awareness, patient participation with respect to Personalised Medicine/Personalised Health

NACE Personalised Medicine/Personalised Health related to Research and Innovation objectives: C.20 - Chemicals and chemical products; C.21 - Basic   pharmaceutical products and pharmaceutical preparations; C.26 - Computer,   electronic and optical products; Q.86 - Human health activities; M.72 -   Scientific research and development; M.74 - Other professional, scientific   and technical activities; P - Education

Scientific domain NABS Personalised   Medicine/Personalised Health related to Research and Innovation: NABS07 - Health; NABS12 - General advancement of   knowledge: R&D financed from General University Funds (GUF); NABS13 -   General advancement of knowledge: R&D financed from other sources than  GUF

Policy objective Personalised   Medicine/Personalised Health related related to Research and Innovation  objectives: D.20 - Big data, data mining, database management;   D.27 - e-Health (e.g. healthy ageing); D.31 - Internet of Things (e.g.   connected devices, sensors and actuators networks); E.38 - Advanced   materials; E.39 - Industrial biotechnology; E.40 - Micro/Nano-electronics;   E.41 - Nanotechnology; G - Public health & security; G.46 - Ageing   societies;G.49 - Public health & well-being; G.50 - Public safety &   pandemics; I.59 - Social innovation with regard to health, well-being &   elder care

RIS3 ? Yes 

PM@RIS3? Yes

Major initiatives

  1. Canceropôle Lyon Auvergne Rhöne Alpes 

  2. Cluster i-Care 

  3. CEPPPIA (Centre Expérimental de Prévention Prédictive Participative Individualisée en Auvergne) 

  4. Medtech4Europe 

  5. Centre Léon Berard (several projects) anticancer center (hospital and research)

  6. Centre Jean Perrin (several projects) anticancer center (hospital and research)

  7. pôle de compétitivité mondial des technologies du numérique en Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes 

  8. Cluster, Lyonbiopole is the gateway to healthcare innovation in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region

  9. Health2CARE (CIP programme) 2014-2016

  10. French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) 

  11. TransAlpine Bio Cluster 



  14. Optimizing the impact of public policies in favour of research and innovation facilities in the field of medical technologies

  15. Innovative health solutions for thermal spa regions 

  16. VetBiobank 

  17. Auvergne registry of congenital anomalies - contributes to the EUROCAT network 

  18. Rhône-Alpes registry of congenital anomalies - contributes to the EUROCAT network 

  19. Digital Innovation Hubs:

Self evaluation

General perception of the implementation level of PM in the region  -High

Rate of the need for developing and implementing PM in the region - High

Rate of the need for increasing support/funding for PM activities in the  region - High

Rate of the need for increasing the capacity of PM skills in the region - High

Rate of the genomics literacy of the citizens in the region - Low

Rate of the need for increasing interregional collaboration in PM - Medium

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 

2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 825046

The project is co-ordinated by Department Economy, Science and Innovation (EWI) of the Flemish Government.

Department Economy, Science and Innovation - Koning Albert II-laan 35 1030 Brussels, Belgium