Norway (NO)

Norway has a population of approximately 5 million people.  As well as being involved in a number of major Initiatives around personalised medicine, Norway has a national strategy for personalised medicine within the health service. The strategy will contribute to development and implementation in the health service in the period 2017-2021.

In collaboration with regional health authorities, the Research Council also published an action plan for research and innovation in personalised medicine. The action plan proposes a number of measures to achieve: Increased interaction, international cooperation, leverage national advantages, increased visibility, more interdisciplinarity and better coordination, reduced barriers to interaction, responsible research and innovation.

Major initiatives

  1. BigMed

  2. ERA PerMed AML_PM


  3. Horizon 2020 AMLvaccin


  4. University of Bergen  biobank/genome sequencing infrastructure/super computer/strategic research centra 

  5. Haukeland University Hospital, Helse Bergen HF  biobank/genome sequencing infrastructure/super computer/strategic research centra  

  6. NorCRIN Trial infrastructure  

Is the region represented in: Horizon2020; Regional Smart Specialisation Strategy Platforms/Partnerships (RIS3); EIT Health/InnoStars/Regional Innovation Scheme (RIS); other?


  1. Horizon2020

  2. EUREKA/Eurostars/COSME

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