Rhône-Alpes (FR71)


The region Auvergne Rhône-Alpes is located in the centre and southeast of France, and has a population of 6.3 million. The region has a strong dynamism in various domains such as, energy, industry, research pharma and biotechnologies, agriculture or tourism. The regions' S3 priorities involve a focus on personalised healthcare for infectious and chronic diseases; this involves diagnosis, therapy, vaccine, medical technologies, health, nutrition and some target diseases (infectious diseases, cancers, other chronic diseases and ageing). There are also priorities in Smart and energy-efficient buildings, Industrial processes and eco-efficient factory, Smart mobility systems, Digital technologies and user-friendly systems, Sports, tourism and mountain infrastructure and Networks and energy storage.

Policy document (RIS3): Yes

Policy document PM@RIS3: Yes

Policy documents

  1. Regional -



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  3. KET study


  4. National -

    France Médecine Génomique 2025


  5. 3ème plan national Maladies Rares 2018-2022


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