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PL81 - Lubelskie

Regional website

Population per km2 (2019) - 84

Innovation Performance Group (2021) : Emerging +


Lublin Voivodeship, or Lublin region is a voivodeship, or region, located in southeastern Poland with a population of 2.2 million. The regions' S3 priorities in the field of medicine and health Include the use of biotechnology and medical nanotechnology, personalised pharmacotherapy and advanced materials in the value chains of diagnostics, therapy and rehabilitation. In the nutrition and dietetics sector there is a focus on prevention care and medical and health-oriented services.

Is the region looking for international/European/interregional collaboration opportunities? Yes - regenerative medicine, e-health, biotechnology, photonics, genetic, visualisation, simulation

Policy documents


  1. National - Smart Specialization  

  2. National level - Program declaration - Polish Coalition of Personalized Medicine 


Regional Strategy for Research and Innovation for Smart Specialisation (RIS3)


  • European Regional and Local Health Authorities (EUREGHA)

  • European Regions Research and Innovation Network (ERRIN)

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