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CZ04 - Severozápad /Northwest Region

Regional website

Total population (2019): 1,115,685

Population per km² : 132

Proportion population older 65 year %: 19,44%

Innovation Performance group (2019): Moderate -


Severozápad (Northwest) includes the Karlovy Vary Region and Ústí nad Labem Region.

Is the region looking for international/European/interregional collaboration opportunities? Yes

Policy Documents

Remarks on the use of EBM (Evidence based medicine) in spa research MUDr. Ľubomír Mankovecký, PhD. Ing. František Och, lecture Bad Kissingen

  • Balneological Care and Challenges of the 21st century František Och, Výzkumný ústav balneologický, v.v.i., International Journal of Biomedicine and Health-care – Semantic Interoperability in Biomedicine and Healthcare, IJBH 2014, 2(1): 55-57, August 2014, ISSN 1805 - 8698-1EN.pdf

Membership status

  • InnoStars Region

  • Danube MacroRegion

  • Central Europe Region

  • 1M+Genome initiative - country level member

Image attribution - By wiki-vr, CC BY-SA 3.0,

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