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Workshop 6: Webinar: Access to health data: the role of regional actors, gatekeepers, providers and individuals

To accelerate the transition in healthcare towards personalised health, the access to good quality health related data is a basic necessity. The acquisition, management, storage, (re)use and protection of data in an efficient way are the absolute preconditions to have good quality health data. In addition, access to validated health data is also essential for research, both in academia and in industry. This will create opportunities for employment and innovation in regions across Europe as well.

According to European legislation, people own their own personal data, which includes health data. However, clinical data is mostly stored in (often regional) hospitals, and not all information is readily accessible to the individual.


  • Ilse Broeders, Programme Manager, Lifelines Biobank, a large scale collection of longitudinal health data.

  • Tine Lewi, Scientific Director of Clinical Innovation at Janssen Research & Development. Tine will speak about federated privacy-preserved data management and machine learning.

  • Katrin Crameri, Director Presonalized Health Informatics at the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics. Katrin will talk about the Swiss Health Network (SPHN).

  • Anja Leist, Associate Professor, Université du Luxembourg.


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Collaborating across Cantons: Building infrastructure to enable use and exchange of interoperable health data for research

Katrin Crameri - Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics

SAPHIRe Webinar: Access to health data: the role of regional actors, gatekeepers, providers and individuals

Tine Lewi -  Janssen Research & Development

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