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Workshop 8: Webinar: Health data for innovation – Opportunities and societal challenges, smart specialisation agenda

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Through its partnership and bottom-up approach, the smart specialisation agenda brings together local authorities, academia, business spheres and the civil society, working for the implementation of long-term growth strategies supported by EU funds. All across Europe companies arise that produce or use health data. Think about wearables collecting lifestyle data, health related mobile apps or machine learning applications to increase your healthy lifestyle. What are the opportunities for European regions to accelerate this emerging market? What challenges remain? How can we make sure the data will be used to benefit European citizens, and that the technology becomes available to anyone who wants it?


To gain a better understanding on the regional perspectives on health data for innovation, SAPHIRe held an online interactive workshop on Thursday 10 December 2020 During this workshop we discussed how the smart specialisation agenda can leverage regional healthcare innovation and how this can be used to ameliorate the healthy lifestyle of citizens in a personalised way. 


Speaker presentations​

Webinar video presentations


AI - Health data saves lives and public money

Dr Miklós Szócska Semmelweis University

Personal data management platform

Professor Jef Hooybergs - VITO

Patient centricity and the promise of data

Dr Joanne Hackett - IQVIA

Smart Vital Urban Areas

Marc Van der Zande - Cluster Sports & Technology

Summary statistics for webinar
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