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Workshop 2: Best practice in personalised health


Workshop documents

Workshop best practice video presentations

Workshop introduction

Northern Ireland

SAPHIRe Best practice in personalised health

workshop -Dr Janice Bailie

Personalised medicine in Northern Ireland: A policy and practice perspective - Professor Ian Young

Key note

Personalised medicine: a disruptive driver of change for societal benefit -Professor Tony Bjourson


Scottish Government support for precision medicine - Dr Alan McNair


Steps towrds the development of a national genomics strategy and  Action Plan in Ireland and the issues under consideration - Dr Mairead O'Driscoll

Southern Denmark

The DISH project - Henriette Hansen


The VIB Grand Challenges Program: towards improved societal impact -       Dr Kathleen D'Hondt

Flanders - Dr Evelyn Verlinde

Autonomous Province of Trento

Enabling prescription-based health apps -

Olivia Balagna


Digital health and precision medicine initiatives in Extremadura - Dr Jonathan Gomez-Raja

Västra Götaland

East Netherlands

Precision medicine in Sweden, challenges and opportunities - Dr Per Sikora

Smart Specialisation for Prevention, Prediction and Personalised Medicine: TOPFIT - Karolien de Bruine



Progress and challenges in personalised

medicine implementation - Professor Miroslaw Kwasniewski

Reailising the promise of precision oncology - Professor Andrew Biankin

Southern Denmark

Precode: a precision medicine program in oncology in Region of Southern Denmark and its coordination with similar efforts at other Danish cancer units and the Danish National Genome Center - Professor Henrik Ditzel

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