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Preventive Medicine

Preventive, Predictive, Personalised & Participatory

Preventive Medicine

Preventive, Predictive, Personalised and Participatory represents a move away from reacting to illness to prevention and maintaining health. Preventive medicine focuses on the health of individuals, it is a proactive approach towards patient care.

"Modern medicine will focus on the individual and will become proactive in nature. It will increasingly focus on prevention and addressing underlying mechanisms rather than only disease treatment. Modern research and medicine provides deeper insights into the mechanisms of disease, provides new avenues for diagnosis for the individual, and generates new methods for assessing wellness"  


European Society of Preventive Medicine (2020)


SAPHIRE's focus on preventive medicine

We will focus on the domain of prevention in European regions; to showcase current operations (best practices) and provide a basis for further development, funding and partnering in the domain of preventive medicine.

We are organising a series of interviews with leading regional initiatives in Europe, which are active in preventive medicine approaches. These will be available on this website and our social media channels for inspiration, and to kick-off of a dialogue and community building. We invite all regions who want to share their initiatives and experiences with us to contact us.

Approaches to preventive medicine in the Autonomous Province of Trento: an interview with Olivia Balagna

SAPHIRe recently interviewed Olivia Balagna, Officer and Project Manager at The Dept of Health and Social Policies, Autonomous Province of Trento to discuss approaches to preventive medicine in the region. In this interview Olivia discusses the preventive medicine landscape in Trento and some of the policy issues affecting preventive medicine. Olivia also discusses two of the regions current Network Programmes: NeuroArt - a project that will use big data to try and improve disease management and treatment, and Telemechron - a project that aims to support management of chronic diseases using digital technologies.

Approaches to preventive medicine in the Autonomous Province of Trento

Olivia Balagna, Officer and Manager, Dept of Health and Social Policies Autonomous Province of Trento

Previous interviews


An overview of preventive medicine approaches in Exremadura

An overview of preventive medicine approaches in Extremadura: an interview with Dr Jonathan Gómez Raja

​SAPHIRe recently interviewed Dr Jonathan Gómez Raja, Chief Scientific Officer at Fundesalud to discuss preventive medicine approaches in the Extremadura region.


The PRECeDI and ExACT projects

The PRECeDI and ExACT projects: SAPHIRE interview with Professor Stefania Boccia, Professor of Hygiene, Preventive Medicine and Public Health at UCSC...


East Netherlands: Preventive medicine and the Smart Specialisation Strategy for 2021-2027

SAPHIRE interview with Karolien de Bruine, East Netherlands Development Agency (Oost NL)

SAPHIRe met with Kaarolien de Bruine, EU Liaison with the East Netherlands Development Agency...


The ReMIND project: Robotic ePartner for Multitarget INnovative activation of people with Dementia

The ReMIND project: Robotic ePartner for Multitarget INnovative activation of people with Dementia.
An interview with Patrick Van Gelder, Project Coordinator, UGent & Steppenwolf and Maaike Van Assche, Researcher, UGent.


The EMPOWERCARE project and preventive medicine in Flanders

EMPOWERCARE: SAPHIRE interview with Professor Jef Hooyberghs and Dr Nathalie Lambrechts

SAPHIRe met with Professor Jef Hooyberghs,  Head of Strategic Research...


Spring Social Prescribing

SAPHIRE interview with Spring Social Prescribing

SAPHIRe met with Danielle Keenan, SPRING Social Prescribing Project Manager...

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