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The ReMIND project: Robotic ePartner for Multitarget INnovative activation of people with Dementia

The ReMIND project: Robotic ePartner for Multitarget INnovative activation of people with Dementia.

An interview with Patrick Van Gelder, Project Coordinator, UGent & Steppenwolf and Maaike Van Assche, Researcher, UGent.

The ReMIND project aims to enhance the quality of life of patients with mild neuro-cognitive impairments by  stimulating the cognitive and physical activity through music, pictures and physical exercises; to evoke positive moods and emotions and to support social interactions.

The holistic ReMIND solution is an interactive combination of robot and tablet that integrates existing modules; (1) physical exercises in combination with music (James robot), (2) a memory boosting bibliographical app (Keosity) and (3) a caregiver platform. The system is able to autonomously connect to additional supporting devices such as flat screens, computers, tablets and smartphones. This ICT solution will be validated together with 400+ participants (patients and caregivers) within evaluation trials under controlled conditions in two care centres. It is expected that the quality of life and mood will ameliorate while cognitive and physical conditions will remain stabilised. This will additionally result in decreased stress for care givers and allow them to provide higher quality care.

The business team consists of two SMEs which already have products on the market and a tertiary end-user group that includes patient organisations and policymakers. The project coordinator is already selling numerous robots throughout Europe in hospitals, care centres for older adults and schools. The goal is to extend the existing market to all European countries through selling or leasing the robot/tablet solution.

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