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The EMPOWERCARE project and preventive medicine in Flanders

EMPOWERCARE: SAPHIRE interview with Professor Jef Hooyberghs and Dr Nathalie Lambrechts

SAPHIRe met with Professor Jef Hooyberghs,  Head of Strategic Research, Sustainable Health Unit - VITO and Dr Nathalie Lambrechts, Project manager at the VITO Sustainable Health Unit, to discuss the EMPOWERCARE project, and preventive medicine in Flanders.

In order to create resilient communities and reduce individual frailty and loneliness, EMPOWERCARE will develop a holistic community asset approach using research-based solutions to respond to current gaps in the care of people in the target group (those ages 65+ and those aged 50+ with at least one chronic condition). EMPOWERCARE will address societal issues in relation to the care of our ageing population; older people are not being involved in decisions concerning their own health and wellbeing. In combining the work of a number of existing and tested partner solutions from across the 2 Seas area the project will ensure that older people are at the forefront of improved technology and better care for within their communities. This will not only improve their situation but also tackle the financial issues of an ageing population and improve social cohesion, and implement a community of practice dedicated to the problem at hand.

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