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An overview of preventive medicine approaches in Exremadura

SAPHIRe recently interviewed Dr Jonathan Gómez Raja, Chief Scientific Officer at Fundesalud to discuss preventive medicine approaches in the Extremadura region. The Foundation for Research and Training of Health Professionals of Extremadura (FUNDESALUD) is a non-profit foundation of the Public Health System of Extremadura, attached to the Ministry of Health and Social Policy of the Government of Extremadura.

The Foundation has a number of functions including: the promotion of research, development and innovation in health; developing education programmes for health professionals; supporting health-related research projects; supporting and strengthening of R&D infrastructure; promoting internationalisation of R&D activities; promoting quality strategies in health services through development of projects, programmes and interventions aimed at improving the training of healthcare professionals.

In this interview Dr Gómez Raja discusses the regional approach to healthcare and preventive medicine, as well as some of the ongoing regional projects.

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