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The PRECeDI and ExACT projects

The PRECeDI and ExACT projects: SAPHIRE interview with Professor Stefania Boccia, Professor of Hygiene, Preventive Medicine and Public Health at UCSC


The Personalized PREvention of Chronic DIseases consortium “PRECeDI” generates high-quality, multidisciplinary collaboration through exchanging knowledge in research activities within the field of personalized prevention of chronic diseases.

The aim of the PRECeDI consortium is to promote knowledge transfer between academic and non-academic entities that can lead to a proper integration of –omics information into public health interventions. The main goal of this platform is to cover an existing gap in the evidence-base use of the –omics approach in the prevention of chronic diseases, by sharing knowledge, building synergies and expertise and encouraging an exchange of best practice among toplevel institutions. In the long run, the results of the consortium activities will enhance the scientific basis for an appropriate implementation of the –omics applications into true benefits for population health.


The European network staff eXchange for integrAting precision helth in the health Care SysTems: the new project funded by the European Commission.

The ExACT project, with a multidisciplinary approach, is dedicated to the integration of precision health in European health systems with the aim of educating new professional figures who can contribute to the future of health systems. The scientific topics include: the definition of a framework for the use of big data in healthcare; the definition of new curricula for the next generations of health professionals including leadership; the identification of new citizen engagement models; the adoption of innovative models of health technology assessment for ‘omic technologies, and the related ethical, legal and organizational aspects.

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