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DK01 - Hovedstaden / Capital Region of Denmark

Regional website

Innovation Performance Group (2021) : Leader +

Total population (2019): 1,835,562

Population per km² (2019): 746

Proportion population older 65 year % :16,96%


The Capital Region of Denmark is the easternmost administrative region of Denmark with a population of 1.8 million. The vision for personalized medicine in Eastern Denmark is to improve the quality of citizens' treatment through the implementation of personalized medicine in patient care in Eastern Denmark and to establish the best framework for the further research and development of personalized medicine.


With this in mind the Capital Region, the Zealand Region, the University of Copenhagen SUND and the Technical University of Denmark have joined forces to establish an infrastructure consisting of three common centresData Center East,  Biobank Center East and Genome Center East.

Policy documents


  1. Regional (national) level: Personalized Medicine in Eastern Denmark 

  2. National level: Danish National Genome Center 

Membership status

  • PM region according EC

  • Baltic Sea MacroRegion

  • S3MedTech region

  • S3P4PM region

  • MedTech4Europe

  • 1M+Genome initiative - country level observer

  • European Regions Research & Innovation Network (ERRIN)

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