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EE - Estonia (National level)

Regional websites

Ministry of Social Affairs

Estonian Research Council

Regional Innovation Performance (2021): Strong

Total population (2019): 1,324,820

Population per km² (2019): 30

Proportion population older 65 year %: 19,76%


The countries S3 priorities include e-health; biotechnology; ICT: industry, robotics and embedded systems; ICT: e-governance and data science; materials technologies and enhancement of resources. The country has a national strategy for health research and innovation, and a strategy for e-health.

Is the region looking for international/European/interregional collaboration opportunities? 

Yes - Collaboration in the field of validating healthcare services/devices based on personalised medicine. Also looking for best practices

Regional Strategy for Research and Innovation for Smart Specialisation (RIS3)


The country have specified smart specialisation growth areas. These will be amended, the most recent one is:

Major initiatives

  1. Population-based collection of samples to build a biobank with genomic data. Estonian Gene Bank 

  2. Clinical validation of genomic risk scores for prediction of cardiovascular diseases and breast cancer 

  3. Realisation of information from genomic data to healthcare services. ERF funding for project "Realisation of personalised medicine in Estonia"

  4. Genotyping facility 

  5. HPC - High performance computing Computing Centre 

  6. Member 1+ million genomes initiative

  7. Pharmacogenetic Recommendations for Personalised Medicine 

  8. Regions4PerMed

  9. Estonian Rare Diseases Registry for Wolfram syndrome, Alström syndrome, Bardet-Biedl syndrome and other rare diabetes syndromes - contribuiting to EURO-WABB

  10. Access to Distant Markets in Health and Wellness 

  11. Developing Estonian - Latvian Medical Area 

  12. Future Digital Health in the EU

  13. Creating Healthy and Secure Environment for the Elderly with Dementia 

  14. Boosting cross border entrepreneurial collaboration in life sciences and biotechnology between Latvia and Estonia

  15. Promoting healthy lifestyles


  17. Aligning professional future-oriented training on health promotion to boost development and economic growth in Läänemaa and Helsinki-Uusimaa regions

  18. Innovative solutions in care of elderly citizens living at home

  19. Product Validation in Health

  20. Talsinki Metropolitan Incubation

Digital Innovation Hubs:


Is the region represented in: Horizon2020; Regional Smart Specialisation Strategy Platforms/Partnerships (RIS3); EIT Health/InnoStars/Regional Innovation Scheme (RIS); other?


  • Horizon 2020 funded CSA-s: IC PerMed, ERA PerMed

  • ERA Chair – the Center for Genomics, Evolution and Medicine (cGEM) (University of Tartu) Grant agreement 810645

  • ePerMed Grant agreement ID: 692145

  • PRECISE4Q Grant agreement ID: 777107

Membership status

  • Member ICPerMed

  • InnoStars Region

  • Baltic Sea MacroRegion

  • Regions4PM region

  • ERAPerMed

  • 1M+Genome initiative - member

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