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EL30 - Aττική (Attiki)

Regional website

National & Kapodistrian University of Athens, Medical School

Regional Innovation Performance (2021): Moderate 

Total population (2019): 3,742,235

Population per km² (2019): 988

Proportion population older 65 year %: 20,74%


Aττική, or the Attica Region is an administrative region of Greece, that encompasses the entire metropolitan area of Athens, the country's capital and largest city, it has a population of 3.75 million. The region aims to strengthen its capacities and develop infrastructure among local authorities, educational and research centres private SMEs and to become a leading metropolitan centre for innovation research, production and export in the wider region of Eastern Mediterranean. In order to do so, the region will utilise its competent scientific and technical human capital. In this context, the RIS3 priorities are: Sustainable economy of needs – this includes: Medicine - Health; Smart city, smart building, smart transport; Environmental technology; Energy: RES, energy saving, smart grids Agri-food; Materials - Construction.

Is the region looking for international/European/interregional collaboration opportunities? Yes

Regional Strategy for Research and Innovation for Smart Specialisation (RIS3)

Membership status

  • Adriatic-Ionian MacroRegion

  • InnoStars Region

  • 1M+Genome initiative - country level member

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