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RO32 - Bucureşti - Ilfov

Regional website

Innovation Performance Group (2021) : Emerging +

Population per km² (2019) 1322

Proportion population older 65 year % 16,15%


București region is a  development region in Romania.  It encompasses the national capital, Bucharest, as well as the surrounding Ilfov County.  The regions' main function is to co-ordinate regional development projects and manage funds from the European Union.

Is the region looking for international/European/interregional collaboration opportunities? Yes - ADRBI is contact point for EEN in Bucharest-Ilfov Region, partner in several InterregEurope projects -

Membership status

  • InnoStars Region

  • Danube MacroRegion

By Carismagic at Romanian Wikipedia - Transferred from ro.wikipedia to Commons by Carismagic., Public Domain,

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