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SK04 - Východné Slovensko

Regional website

Innovation Performance Group (2021) : Emerging +

Population per km² (2019) 104

Proportion population older 65 year % 14,35%


The Eastern Slovakia Region is located in the east of Slovakia and consists of two NUTS III self-governing regions: the Košice Region and the Prešov Region, it has a population of 1,623,043 (Eurostat, 2019). The are seven RIS3 R&D priorities whichh include: Material research and nanotechnologies, ICT and Biomedicine. There is an innovation strategy for the Slovak Republic for the 2014-2020 years, which defines strategic goals to improve ability to commercialise and adapt innovations and technologies, and support the development of Slovakia to become a successful industrialised country.

Membership status

  • Danube MacroRegion

  • Central Europe

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