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Antleron and 3D-Systems to print human tissues together

Updated: Jan 15

The Flemish start-up Antleron, a company that uses cells to create skin, tissues and organs, are now cooperating with American company 3D-systems, one that specialises in 3D printing and medical 3D printing. By combining their knowledge both companies hope to advance medical bioprinting.

According to Antleron CEO, Jan Schrooten, “The vision of Antleron is to sustainably bring living therapies into the clinic. 3D printing is key to this endeavor, and we are eager to collaborate with 3D Systems and its experts. I look forward to the pioneering solutions we’ll be able to achieve to elevate the efficacy of bioprinting and extend its biomedical application reach.”

“3D Systems is excited about working with Antleron as they explore bioprinting, and especially their capability to develop end-to-end solutions utilizing the 3D Systems’ state of the art printing platforms and materials,” said Chuck Hull, co-founder and chief technology officer, 3D Systems. “As we look to the future, bioprinting and regenerative medicine are large opportunities for 3D printing, and we look forward to expanding the role 3D Systems will play in these exciting fields.”

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