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SAPHIRe activity during COVID-19 outbreak

Updated: Jan 15

SAPHIRe collaborate with stakeholders across European regions to stimulate developments and support uptake of personalised medicine initiatives. With the global spread of COVID-19 we are having to change the way we work. It is not currently possible to interact with our partners through workshops and round table discussions, as we have done in the past, and we are currently investigating new ways of working.

We have postponed our upcoming workshop “The role of regional actors as health data providers and users” which we hope to be able to reschedule for autumn/winter 2020.

We understand this is an ever changing situation and we would like to thank all our stakeholders for their continued involvement and support. We will keep our website, Twitter and LinkedIn account updated with all the latest news from SAPHIRe.

Best Wishes

The SAPHIRe Team

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