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Smart Health: new Vanguard Initiative pilot project launched

Updated: May 27, 2021

On 14th of April the kick-off event of the Smart Health Vanguard Initiative pilot project took place. More than 100 participants gathered online to attend the event, hosted by the three leading regions: East-Netherlands, Flanders and South-Netherlands/Limburg. The new pilot aims to realise the potential of personalised medicine through interregional cooperation. The partner regions already established solid ecosystems combining biomedical, technological and data-driven experience. By bringing these ecosystems together a higher added value will be reached and boost the implementation of personalised medicine; it will realise an innovative approach for health and care in Europe.

During the kick-off, the attendees were welcomed by the representatives of the leading regions and learned about the aims and focus points of the Smart Health pilot. They were inspired by different demo cases, showcasing the prospective of smart health. Regions are invited to express their interest in the pilot by contacting the coordinators in order to build and set-up dream teams!

Here you can view some demo cases/examples:

Click here to view the recording of the Kick off meeting Vanguard Initiative pilot Smart Health. This is the Vanguard Initiative's interactive webinar that took place on the 14th of April in cooperation with Think East Netherlands, Province of Limburg and the Flemish Department of Economy, Science & Innovation.

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