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EIT Health community vs. COVID-19

Updated: Jan 15

EIT Health with engagement of approximately 150 partners across Europe covering research, academia, business and health service delivery (including some of the largest hospitals in Europe) is using its network’s strength in the fight against the pandemic.

The “Connector”, which is available on the EIT Health website, allows those who work in the healthcare sector on COVID-19 related research to post an "offer” or an "ask”, and EIT Health helps to facilitate the matches across Europe. After the launch, in the first few first days there were more than 100 proposals gathered such as modern artificial lungs, free biocontamination devices for hospitals and applications to monitor the virus spread.

Aim of the platform

To find out directly from the experts what resources they require right now and resources they can share within EU. EIT Health is playing a matchmaking role, facilitating the collaborations across regions and scaling up the best solutions, so the fight can be more effective against the virus.

More information is available here.

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