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Registration Open - Third SAPHIRe Workshop


WHEN: Wednesday 22nd and Thursday 23rd of April 2020

WHERE: Leuven, Belgium

WHAT: SAPHIRe's 3rd workshop, entitled “The role of regional actors as health data providers and users”.

Regions are regarded as the powerhouses for innovation and adoption of personalised medicine. Proximity to the citizen is key to drive the transition towards sustainable healthcare, prevention and personalised medicine. Regional providers of health data, such as (university or regional) hospitals, primary caregivers or genetic centres, collect massive amounts of health data. This creates a large need for interoperable and accessible data. Big data sets include electronic health records (EHR), data resulting from imaging technologies, other large throughput (-omics) technologies, and wearables or health and lifestyle (mobile) apps. The differences in governance of health data, the different authority levels, and the ethical and cultural diversity across European regions further complicate the swift uptake of personalised medicine.

Several questions will be discussed during the SAPHIRe workshop:

  • What are the practical and ethical considerations on the use of health data?

  • How can we unlock the opportunity that these large datasets hold without breaching the privacy of the patients?

  • Who is the owner of the data?

  • What standards need to be adopted to make the data inter-operable?

  • How can we share the data in a safe and fair manner?

  • Which roadblocks need to be tackled to adopt big data use within healthcare?

Who should attend?

Regional actors such a representatives from hospitals, genetic centres, primary healthcare providers, cluster organisations, patient organisations, SMEs, start-ups, large companies, research institutes, regional policy makers and other stakeholders active in health data technology.

Check out our short video here to get an overview of the workshop

Don’t hesitate to contact us, should you have any questions.

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