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Flanders pushing for a personalised tomorrow

Investing in industry-driven research projects in the field of personalised medicine

The Flemish Government has foreseen an addition €5 million annually in the coming 2 years to aide with the transformation from one size fits all medicine model to a patient focused personalised medicine approach.[1], an independent life sciences cluster organisation, will oversee the formation of an overarching cluster for personalised medicine with Flanders.Health serving as a starting point.

The cluster on personalised medicine will facilitate innovation in three ways:

1. Ensuring a robust evidence based foundations is present in the fields of; data, biomarkers, and their subsequent analysis.

2. Facilitating the broad implementation of personalised medicine innovations with the help of innovative clinical trials and the development of new personalised technologies.

3. Development of both an ethical and legal framework.

Flanders.Health will develop this overarching cluster over the coming year while simultaneously mapping out the current ecosystem and value chain of personalised medicine in Flanders.

These goals will be achieved in the form of ICON (interdisciplinary cooperative research) project funding. Multidisciplinary research teams consisting of scientists, industry stakeholders, and social economy partners will work on industry driven, generic projects to enhance personalised diagnostic and treatment modalities. Priority will be given to projects with a high medical urgency and/or high economical and societal impact as to maximise the effects on the health care system.

Regional funding programs for personalised medicine:

To serve as a best practice overview we would like to collect information on similar funding programs for personalised medicine in different European regions. This would provide an overview of the available funding and facilitate partnerships.

If you have knowledge of similar funding schemes in your own European region don’t hesitate to contact us.


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