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ICPerMed Vision Paper: How can personalised approaches pave the way to next-generation medicine?

ICPerMed have published their new “Vision Paper” on how the use of personalised medicine approaches will promote “next-generation” medicine in 2030. The vision entails that medicine needs to become more firmly centred on the individual’s personal characteristics and at the same time be more effective and have an economic value. Next-generation medicine should also provide equitable access for all citizens to the best possible healthcare in the future.

The vision and its five perspectives are outlined in the ICPerMed Vision Paper, which has now been published on the ICPerMed website.

ICPerMed has defined the vision and its perspectives by consulting with European and international experts, covering the entire range of relevant sectors and professional backgrounds. The experts’ comments concerning opportunities and challenges helped to refine the overall vision, which was further shaped by the outcome and conclusions of the ICPerMed conference Personalised Medicine in Action in November 2018.

ICPerMed is confident that its members, as well as the European Commission, will take the perspectives presented in the paper into consideration when planning upcoming and future programs and activities. ICPerMed will continue to act as a communication platform for existing and future initiatives and organisations related to personalised medicine and the perspectives presented.

About ICPerMed

ICPerMed provides a platform to initiate and support communication and exchange on personalised medicine research, funding and implementation. ICPerMed assembles over 40 European and international partners representing ministries, funding agencies and the European Commission. With the support of the ICPerMed Secretariat, the consortium works on coordinating and supporting research to develop approaches for personalised medicine. Thereby, the central aim of ICPerMed is to align and encourage joint efforts in personalised medicine research and implementation on a European and international level. The ICPerMed Secretariat is coordinated by the DLR Project Management Agency (Germany) with partners from France, Italy and Spain.

The DLR Project Management Agency specialises in services for the funding of research, innovation and education. As one of Germany’s largest project management agencies, it supports German state and federal ministries in implementing research funding programmes and operates on behalf of the European Commission, foundations and associations.

For inquiries, please contact the ICPerMed Secretariat:

Ulrike Bußhoff

Phone: +49228-3821-1266

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