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SAPHIRe Best practice workshop: European experts meet to discuss healthcare innovation

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

Experts from across Europe met in Riddel Hall in Belfast to discuss collaboration, development and innovation in personalised health.

The two-day event attracted nine different countries and regions from across Europe, and provided a platform to examine how countries and regions can learn from each other and break down some of the barriers to the adoption of personalised medicine.

There were expert speakers covering topics such as precision oncology, person centred care and prescription-based health apps. All of the presentations given on the day are available here.

The SAPHIRe team with Dr Michael McBride (Back right)

Dr Janice Bailie, Assistant Director of the Research and Development Division at the Public Health Agency Northern Ireland, and SAPHIRe Consortium member said: “With Northern Ireland having a record of focusing on the development of personalised medicine, we have been able to help spearhead the SAPHIRe programme, which will identify strengths, needs and barriers to the development and adoption of this type of healthcare, and enable this information to be brought to the attention of governments".

“Some of the leading figures in personalised health from across Europe attended the workshop in Belfast to look at how countries and regions across the continent can share experience and ideas and develop stronger relationships to drive forward innovation in this field. We had policy experts, as well as key figures from academic and healthcare settings, who came together to exchange experiences, with the event providing a forum for discussion of best practice and lessons learned. It also focused on identifying and assessing future approaches to improve the implementation of personalised medicine.”

Professor Tony Bjourson delivers the key note address at the SAPHIRe workshop

Dr Michael McBride, Chief Medical Officer for Northern Ireland, said: “Here in Northern Ireland, personalised medicine is an area of substantial and rapidly increasing focus. A growing population with a higher number of older people, poorer health and a growth in chronic conditions are driving the need for the reform of health and social care in Northern Ireland and indeed worldwide, and this conference will enable expertise from across Europe to be shared in how we can deliver more targeted, effective and individual treatment and preventative intervention”.

SAPHIRe continues to work with its stakeholders to understand the barriers and needs around the implementation of personalised health.

For more information about SAPHIRe please contact us

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