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SAPHIRe Consortium meet with representative of the Portuguese Parliament

Updated: Jan 15

On June 30 SAPHIRe Consortium members Dr Okker Van Batenburg, Dr Wouter Spek and Dr Daniela Dias-Santos met with Dr Antonio Sales, Deputy of the Assembly of the Portuguese Republic and member of the Parliament Commission for Health, at the Portuguese parliament.

The meeting was an opportunity to discuss the current landscape of personalised medicine in Portugal and its' regions. Other topics covered included the sustainability of a patient-centred healthcare system and the existing demographic transition of an ageing population. The existence of low-density regions in Portugal, and the need for policies such as Bringing Care Home were also discussed as playing an important role in the future of the national healthcare system.

"The meeting with Dr Sales was very informative and productive and shows that Potuguese districts and cities are ready to work with SAPHIRe in the years to come" Dr Wouter Spek.

SAPHIRe continues to meet and engage with stakeholders across Europe. It is through network building, and engaging with local and regional policy and decision makers, opinion leaders, regulatory and regional development agencies, cluster organisations, patient organisations, regional knowledge institutions and healthcare providers; that SAPHIRe will work to bring regional strengths, needs and barriers to the attention of national and European policy makers.

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